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Improvements and Fixes in Recent Build

Build 0804036
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
(Automation SDK Support)
Fixed intermitent E_FAIL when perform signal analysis immediately after rename.
Fixed intermitent field values returned as zeroes immediately after rename.
Fixed collection GetItem to accept variant type VT_INT default from Visual C++.
Fixed SaveOrUseEquivalent() not loading reused field.
Fixed field format not being set to default for calculation fields.
Fixed TSField.SignalRequiresAction() failing in some situations.
(External Indicator SDK Support)
Fixed project creation indicating could not find template files when local copy of header marked read-only.
Fixed right-scroll button not progressing to last bar.
Fixed new functions not allowing formulas to be entered.
Fixed problems with formula entry introduced in build 070906.
Fixed function tab not indicating current function for field.
Fixed Work Directories in recent directory list not opening when listed after fifth position.
Fixed "Whats New in 4.0" not displaying on some systems.
Fixed compatability issues with changes introduced eSignal version 10.
Fixed detection of Interactive Brokers browser-based version of Trader Workstation.
Improved detection of FOREX pair names in text file names.
Improved detection of default pip size during FOREX text file import.
(Portfolio View)
Fixed format defintion changes not immediately being reflected in displayed values.
(Prediction Analysis)
Fixed reporting of all data for unused sub-ranges.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed reporting in Analysis By Trade window when have insufficient funds to purchase minimum but account not negative.
Fixed setting of signal analysis range to postprocessing optimization range for intraday data skipping bars.
Fixed reporting that "Style does not match Optimization" when analyzing signal analysis fields.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed application of solution against reduced data causing previous weights to not work.
Fixed import of solutions containing large custom functions and CSW DLL's.
Build 070906
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
Fixed check mark not being displayed for mouse line menu items when mouse not over chart.
Fixed calculation for Lead function when passed as input to non-internal functions.
Fixed calculation for Lead function when paired with multiple Previous Value of Function calls.
Fixed compatability issues with changes to Interactive Brokers data availability.
Fixed Yahoo support for large reverse splits.
(Portfolio View)
Fixed help not being displayed when select "Portfolio View Help".
Fixed error message "Training component settings not valid." being displayed for predictions using Custom Solution Wizard DLL's.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed TradingSolutions crash when view Analysis By Trade or Analysis By Bar before field calculation completed.
Build 070618
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
(Automation SDK Support)
Added TSSignalAnalysis.GetEquityCurve().
Added TSField.ReleaseMemory() to address slow .NET garbage collection.
Added TSFunction.Export(), TSApplication.ImportSolutionFile() and TSApplication.ImportFunctionFile() to allow function synchronization.
Fixed access of values of secondary output fields.
Fixed TSDataSeries.GetFieldValue() not returning TSNULL for null values.
Improved speed of field property gets.
Added ability to display value axis on right-hand side with last value highlighted.
Added ability to export charts as graphic images in BMP and JPG formats.
Improved chart menus to allow direct access to mouse lines and axis settings.
Fixed horizontal scrollbar changing number of bars being displayed.
Fixed message indicating name had not been changed to match new settings after manual name change.
Added ability to change to recent Work directory.
Added ability to interact with TradingSolutions before splash screen disappears if Welcome Menu is turned off.
Removed "Hot Spot" from list of IQFeed FOREX sources since no longer supported.
Fixed correlation optimization not producing consistent results.
Fixed correlation optimization resulting in intermitent weights file error.
Improve handling of corrupted Custom Solution Wizard DLL's.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed Signal Analyis fields Gain and Percent Gain not including current trade.
Fixed entry limit value not being used to adjust limit entry price.
Fixed stop re-entry rules not being checked after length stops.
Fixed reason display for normal exits after stop with "stop execution as exit signal" setting.
Fixed length stop trading one extra bar.
NOTE: Any optimized previously optimized length stops should be increased in length by one bar.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed override of "include in optimization" setting not being included for entry/exit system inputs.
Fixed optimization range getting changed before external data resolved.
Fixed erroneous "uses different market type" message before external data resolved.
Fixed data series reported for training weights being available on external predictions.
Build 070410
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
(Automation SDK Support)
Fixed TradingSolutions background instance closing when called without WithEvents keyword from VB.NET and newer versions of VBA.
(External Indicator SDK Support)
Added sample code generation for maintaining a buffer of all previous values.
Added ability to update fields to match changes to DLL by pressing "Refresh Status".
Clarified external DLL debugging options and instructions available from TradingSolutions.
Fixed initialization of user Function DLL directory due to Windows Vista modifications.
Fixed Back button not working in the "Create a Function Wizard" when no inputs are defined.
Fixed default location of TradingSolutions Work directory not being placed in My Documents on all systems.
Fixed display of time zone correction message in new portfolios.
Fixed hanging during display of some charts.
Added support for importing GLOBEX Futures symbols from Interactive Brokers.
Fixed data source setting to download streaming bars being lost by Repair Portfolios.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed equity and percent gain fields being off by 100% for Futures and FOREX.
Fixed analysis of percentage stops for continuous difference-adjusted Futures data that contains negative prices.
Fixed Analyze Signal for signal analysis field not displaying correct trading style.
Fixed Modify Group: Display page displaying "(error)" instead of newly created fields.
(Trading Solutions)
Added trading style to trading solutions for all signals even if not predicted or optimized.
Fixed saving of optimization settings for entry/exit systems and committees defined at group level.
Build 070322
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
(Automation SDK Support)
Added TradingStyle property to TSOptimizableField.
Added UseAlternateTradingSettings property to TSOptimizableField, TSOptimalSignalField, TSSignalAnalysisField.
Added settable UseDefinitionTradingSettings property to TSSignalAnalysis.
Fixed field State property to return failure code if prediction could not be trained.
Fixed Status dialogs staying open when TradingSolutions minimized to system tray.
Added support for Windows Vista.
- Default Work directory location moved to My Documents directory.
- Default Function DLL directory location moved to My Documents directory.
- Vista-friendly HTML-based Windows help.
Fixed problem with learning curves, optimization curves, and charts crashing during live updates on faster machines.
Fixed problem with subcharts being corrupted after saved or after change arrangement while maximized.
(Data Dialog)
Added status to Trading Settings page load and improved performance.
Updated help to newer Windows HTML format.
Added automatic adjustment of time zone information.
Fixed Interactive Brokers list of available symbols not displaying correctly.
Fixed Interactive Brokers clipping GLOBEX Futures data.
Fixed Interactive Brokers handling of adjusted time zone information.
Fixed IQFeed data source handling of adjusted time zone information.
Fixed Yahoo and Interactive Brokers data sources not being able to update symbols after no new data found for symbol.
Fixed Yahoo data source giving incorrect error message for symbol or data not found.
Improved processing of imports and streaming data from Interactive Brokers.
Updated symbol list entries and futures symbol defaults.
(Optimal Signals)
Fixed units in extended default name suggestions.
Improved handling of failed prediction fields.
Fixed intermitent problem of internal error being reported when field is renamed or deleted while processing.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed analysis of stops for continuous difference-adjusted Futures data that contains negative prices.
Fixed display of alternate trading settings on analysis trading style page.
Fixed display of percent gain on by-trade analysis for continuous difference-adjusted Futures data that contains negative prices.
Fixed format of display of Exit Efficiency, Trades Stopped, and Limits Reached.
Fixed signal analysis field values for overall profit and gain not matching signal analysis.
Fixed additional analysis of continuous difference-adjusted Futures data that contains negative prices.
Added ability to override alternate trading settings for analysis.
(Trading Solutions)
Improved default settings when applying optimized entry/exit systems and committees.
Fixed applying of trading solution to new data to not keep original trading settings if not retrained/reoptimized.
Removed extraneous trading styles from exported trading solutions.

Release 4.0 Build 060719
Note: Work directories opened with this build or later will not be available to be opened with previous builds.

Primary New Features
Added support for importing end-of-day, weekly and monthly data from Yahoo Finance.
Added support for streaming and importing data from Interactive Brokers.
Added ability to optimize between neural network topologies.
Added ability to optimize trading style settings such as limit and stop levels with signals.
Added ability to override trading style settings for individual fields and analyses.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
(Automation SDK Support)
Added RepairWorkDirectory() function.
Fixed problem with some functions returning Object Required when used immediately after creating object.
Fixed problem with field value functions not being available while streaming.
Fixed problem with renamed fields not immediately appearing in field collections.
Fixed problem with incorrect events firing in conjunction with valid events.
Fixed problem with boolean functions returning unexpected value for True.
Changed RestartProcessing/StopProcessing to return success if already in desired state.
Changed MessageIsssued event to include message type.
Changed DataStatus event for TSDX_Fields_Changed to include primary/secondary signals changing.
(External Indicator SDK Support)
Fixed problem with importing updates to DLL-based functions already used in fields.
Fixed problem with some exported function files not reimporting (file appears corrupted but is not).
Fixed alert sound being overridden by sound for processing complete.
(Data Series)
Fixed ability to turn off streaming setting if set for data which does not have streaming available.
Improved optimization range size controls to handle changes in units more intuitively.
Fixed calculations based on streaming inputs from external data series with smaller periodicities.
Added Forecast() function to produce linear regression forecasts for future bars.
Fixed RandomNumber function returning repeating values for streaming bars.
Updated IQFeed data support to support features of IQFeed, including improved FOREX support.
Added ability to access extended data warnings directly from TSImport.log message.
Added support for four hour intraday bars.
Added support for excluding trading days from imported data.
Added support for automatic reconnection if streaming interrupted.
Improved detection of stock splits between newly imported data and current data.
Improved Internet import size control to handle changes in units more intuitively.
Fixed update from text file to not keep trying to update from text file with new date but no new data.
Fixed "Next" button being available before desired output of prediction being selected.
Fixed erroneous message indicating insufficient data may be available when using Custom Solution Wizard DLL.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed margin calls occurring before appropriate stop loss orders taking effect.
Fixed problem with streaming data sometimes remaining displayed as "".
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem with exporting fixed position size trading styles for versions before v3.1.
Fixed problem with opening TradingSolutions when symbol database not available.
Build 051209
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
(Automation SDK Support)
Fixed problem with support for CreateObject and GetObject.
Fixed problem with newly created Work directories not including "My Portfolio" group.
Fixed problem with using TradingSolutions on some Windows 98 systems.
(External Indicator SDK Support)
Fixed problem with initial importing of External Indicator SDK tsf files on new computers.
Fixed problem with editing of existing inputs displaying type as data series only.
Fixed problem with generated templates leaving garbage at end of file when replacing existing files.
Added ability to change optimization range distribution from multiple field dialog.
Added UTC date/time functions.
Added variable length versions of statistical functions.
Fixed variable length functions to allow constant periods when needed for complex functions.
Fixed System: Percent Loss On Trade From High function.
Fixed Exponential Moving Average functions to allow variable number of bars.
Fixed problem with text file date detection versus empty lines at the end of short files.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed problem with calculating signal fields for Index Data market type.
Build 051027
Note: Work directories opened with this build or later will not be available to be opened with previous builds.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To TradingSolutions
Fixed chart scaling causing candlestick shadow lines to be off by one pixel.
(Data Series)
Fixed problem with secondary outputs erroneously being listed for "Recalculate Fields With Other Settings..." button.
Added indication that a function DLL is not available due to licensing or external file issues.
Fixed Power function returning null for negative exponents.
Fixed import not listing all functions available for .tsf file created with External Indicator SDK.
Fixed import not working for partial selections from .tsf files created with External Indicator SDK.
Added ability to make backup copy of Work directory when doing direct migration to new version.
Fixed problem starting TradingSolutions from Windows Guest accounts.
Fixed Prophet real time streaming outside of Eastern time zone.
Fixed Prophet crashing if open Import Data Wizard during streaming or active import.
Fixed problem with task status staying open for file imports of over 100 symbols.
Fixed problem with import update not including unchanged text files when overwrite selected.
Fixed problem with import update not including text files when data removed from end of series.
Improved date format detection when multiple columns could have dates without delimiters.
Added ability to replicate original postprocessing starting value calculation method.
Added ability to analyze general prediction data for custom date ranges.
Added number of samples to analysis of general prediction data.
Fixed intermitent problem resulting in NSCreateNetwork exceptions.
Fixed synchronization of intraday times between data from multiple time zones.
Improved handling of potential errors resulting in processing loops.
(Signal Analysis)
Added notice on Analysis By Trade page when no trades occur in the date range.
Added ability to select all rows on Entry/Exit Signals page for copying to clipboard.
Fixed signal analysis field buy/hold calculations for Futures and FOREX markets.
Fixed signal analysis field expectancy and maximum gain/loss calculations for Futures and FOREX markets.
Fixed Analysis By Trade and Bar pages not immediately displaying results when less than one page of results.
Fixed signal analysis dialogs incorrectly using actual high/low for stops when trading style indicates to use trading value.
(Trading Solutions)
Added check to prevent exporting of unsupported NeuroSolutions 5.0 DLL's to previous versions of TradingSolutions.
Fixed re-export of trading solutions containing Custom Solution Wizard DLL's.
Improved speed of loading list of trading solutions for symbol.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To Automation SDK
Added TSApplication.StatusTasksRemaining().
Added TSDataSeries.LastImportFilePath().
Added TSGroup.CreateSubgroup().
Added TSGroup.First/Last Date properties.
Added TSPredictionField.PredictionAnalysis().
Added ability to create new work directories from TSApplication.ChangeWorkDirectory().
Added optional parameter to TSApplication.ChangeWorkDirectory() for handling version migration.
Added TSSignalAnalysis.SetDatesToOptimizationRange().
Fixed TSApplication.ChangeWorkDirectory() to return success when currently in specified directory.
Fixed TSApplication.ChangeWorkDirectory() displaying pop-up messages under certain conditions.
Fixed TSApplication.ChangeWorkDirectory() to leave application minimized.
Fixed TSApplication.Groups() for portfolio with no data.
Fixed TSDataSeries.Fields() including optimizable function references.
Fixed TSGroup.ImportDataFromFile() for MetaStock files.
Fixed TSGroup.UpdateData() for text and MetaStock files.
Fixed TSGroup.UpdateData() ignoring bIncludeAll parameter.
Fixed TSFields.Name() setting for raw data fields.
Fixed TSFieldCollection issuing database error with large number of fields.
Fixed case sensitivity on collection name lookups.
Improved collection performance.
Changed non-required parameters to optional.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes To External Indicator SDK
Added program to enable automatic importing of a .tsf file from an installation program.
Added ability to update protected functions from .tsf files.
Fixed function prefix being modified with formula name after function resolved in DLL.
Fixed function input list disappearing when function edited or copied.
Fixed support for input names with spaces and special characters.
Improved export to include only one copy of each DLL per .tsf file.
Improved documentation of big picture and distribution.
Build 050815
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from v3.1
Fixed "Optimize Voting Now" checkbox value after add new input to optimized committee.
(External Indicator SDK)
Improved message if try to create function when External Indicator SDK not installed properly. Fixed handling of changes to DLL Location and DLL Project Location on Select External DLL page.
Added ability to modify the optimization date range of multiple fields at one time.
Improved market type detection of symbols. Improved performance of updating from MetaStock files.
(Optimal Signal)
Fixed erroneous "No entry signals were generated." message when remove or re-import data.
Added ability to optimize on prediction correlation. Added ability to restrict postprocessing optimization based on conditional inputs. Fixed postprocessing starting values to be constant based on optimization range. Fixed conditional inputs not working correctly with optimization flags.
Improved handling of large number of new fields being created by applying a trading solution.
Fixed incorrect message about problem with Group Definition Reference. Fixed incorrect message about problem with Field Dependency messages for optimizable functions.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed trade length not including current bar in current trade on Analysis By Trade report.
(Solution Service)
Improved processing during initial import.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed exporting of trading solutions with non-alphanumeric names and external DLL's.
Build 050602 Release 3.1
Primary New Features
Added ability to import and stream intraday data from Prophet.
(Signal Analysis)
Added ability to optimize and analyze FOREX Spot and Futures trading.
Added profit, length and trailing length stops to trading styles.
Added signal analysis field value to display signal based on effects of trading style.
(TradingSolution SDK)
Added support for interacting with programs and functions developed with the TradingSolutions SDK.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from v3.0
Added subvalue to quickly add all inputs to a field to the display.
Fixed problem with change and percent change subvalues not displaying.
Fixed problem with subcharts reloading and resizing incorrectly.
Removed erroneous listing of "Previous Views" from "Entire Portfolio" field list.
Fixed problem with committees with members signal processing calculating incorrectly when recalculated from middle.
(Custom Solution Wizard DLL's)
Added support for NeuroSolutions 5.0 Custom Solution Wizard DLL's.
Added ability to specify market open and close times for individual dates. Added ability to remove extraneous data when exchange characteristics changed.
Added status display during removal of unused fields when field definition modified.
Added Restore Defaults button to Modify Training Settings Dialog.
Fixed problem causing fields to indicate there is a potential problem with the way they are stored during deletion.
Fixed problem causing fields to indicate they could not be deleted, but displaying empty list of fields as cause.
Fixed problem with inputs created from within new field wizard not being added properly.
Fixed problems causing fields using external data to recalculate while streaming.
Fixed problem with copying field with multiple outputs.
Fixed problem with not reporting errors in group fields when accessed from modifying an underlying field.
Fixed problem with reporting models pending optimization as using MLP topology.
Fixed problem with field errors being corrected not causing field tasks to be registered.
Improved detection and correction of corrupted field definitions.
Added video help to creation dialogs.
Increased size of formula and rule entry display.
Added confirmation message if request closing portfolio during long optimization.
Fixed problem with TradingSolutions crashing when file with toolbar settings is corrupted.
Improved display of very large and very small numbers.
(Genetic Optimization)
Added confirmation message if cancel after changing optimization settings dialogs.
Added ability to restore genetic settings defaults when restore defaults on a page with genetic settings button.
Fixed problem causing failing optimizations to not stop on first chromosome.
Fixed problem handling generations exceeding 1000 when maximum generations termination criteria not set.
Fixed problem with portfolios migrated from 2.1 having number of generations without improvement set to random number.
Fixed problem with not being able to access optimization range dialog when optimization not activated.
Fixed problem with optimization of Sharpe ratio not working for optimization sets larger than 60,000 bars.
Added support for MetaStock 9.0 directories.
Added support for Prophet accounts not specific to TradingSolutions.
Added ability to import weekly and monthly data from Prophet and IQFeed.
Added FOREX Spot symbol builder.
Added ability to enter partial name to locate symbol.
Fixed problem with eSignal streaming FOREX volume.
Fixed problem with index data warnings for outliers and zero values.
Fixed problem with adding company names with double quotes or vertical bars.
Fixed status dialog not displaying first generation of signal optimization during training optimization.
(Optional Hardware Key)
Improved support for using TradingSolutions with hardware key through Windows remote desktop.
Added Restore Defaults button to sounds page.
Added support for dating of weekly/monthly data with first date in bar instead of last date.
Added offer to reoptimize postprocessing settings if postprocessing optimization options changed.
Fixed problem with non-optimized group predictions failing when modified.
Fixed problem with changing optimizable group field inputs after field saved.
Fixed problem with modifying group field postprocessing settings and requesting postprocessing reoptimization.
Fixed problem with predictions retraining when recovering from processing errors.
Fixed problem with predictions in advance not updating correctly when desired output not raw or part of input set.
Fixed problem with optimization of training error issuing errors concerning missing tables.
Improved error reporting when problems occur with external network DLL's.
Added notification when states associated with streaming fields are corrupted, causing reprocessing delays.
Fixed problem causing TradingSolutions to periodically stop processing fields while streaming.
Fixed problem causing secondary signal outputs to remain pending.
(Signal Analysis)
Improved analysis by trade and by bar, including sizeable windows and collapsible value groups.
Added ability to trade in lots.
Added ability to trade percentage of account.
Added ability to trade stops as exit signals.
Added ability to set fields used for High, Low, and Open values.
Added ability to use limits to protect against opening gaps.
Added ability to change date range of default analysis for all data series.
Added enhanced analysis by trade and analysis by bar, including sizeable windows and collapsing value groups.
Fixed problem with Sharpe Ratio and Standard Deviation calculations not reporting for signal analysis with more than 60,000 bars.
Fixed problem with signal analysis fields with signal formatting not using default trading style for analysis.
Fixed problem with Analysis By Trade and Analysis By Bar copy button not copying signal sign.
Improved loading of large signal analysis equity curves, by trade and by bar lists.
Changed Current Position signal analysis field to include exits.
Added name of pending field to Status Detail Dialog when task is "Pending Input".
Added menu items to modify or delete field from Current Task List.
Added compact warning if database operations are taking abnormally long time.
Added warning message if sound files no longer valid.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem with solutions of optimizable entry/exit systems not setting field name properly.
Fixed problem with solutions not reusing existing prediction fields as inputs.
Fixed problem with solutions with optimization ranges outside of target date range not adjusting.
Fixed problem with solutions for CSW DLL's not including genetic settings for training optimization.
Fixed problem with solutions exported in 2.1 format defaulting to being optimized when applied in 3.0.
Fixed problem with solutions exported in 2.1 format including trading style fitness settings supported only in 3.0.
Fixed problem with solutions exported in 2.1 format not reusing fields which had been optimized in 3.0.
Fixed problem with solutions exported in 2.1 format including genetic settings not valid before 3.0.
Fixed problem with large solutions with optimizable predictions indicating too many fields would be created.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from Beta 1
Completed updates to documentation for new release.
Fixed problems with turning off previous trading settings of group fields.
(Optimal Signals)
Fixed problems with optimal signals for futures market.
Fixed problems with optimal signals not matching v3.0 on large price changes with stops.
Fixed problems with stops on optimal signals for FOREX markets.
Improved speed of signal analysis associated with optimization.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed problems with ignoring changes to date range on data signals page.
Fixed problem with analyzing fields which used a different market type or trading settings during creation.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem with not reusing existing fields for calculations.
(Trading Styles)
Fixed creation of new default trading styles when migrating from v2.1 or previous.
Fixed warning of futures and FOREX partial units when limits and stops are turned off.
Improved futures and FOREX commission controls.

Build 041019

Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Fixed problem with not being able to modify optimization settings when re-optimize.
(Entry/Exit Systems)
Fixed problem with systems using new entry/exit system rules sometimes not being available for selection.
Added protection against overwriting optimized values from Modify Field Dialog.
Added ability for Modify Field Dialog to update analysis windows when calculation completed.
Improved support for removing unused fields created by group predictions.
Fixed problem with disabled external inputs causing fields to be recalculated when data updated.
Fixed problem causing importing of updated system functions to recalculate all existing fields.
Fixed problem causing EMA() and other Prev-based functions to not recalculate correctly if a date is removed or changed.
Fixed problem with "Alert When Large Percent Change" alert not detecting large decreases.
(Genetic Optimization)
Added protection against invalid genetic termination criteria.
Added ability to select training sets for entry/exit system and committee optimization.
Added indication in date range selection when common date range for group not through last date.
Fixed problem with using "checking cross valiation" with maximum generations w/o improvement unchecked.
Fixed problem with custom default signal optimization values not being used when new fields created.
Fixed problem with optimization of less than one year of end-of-day data defaulting to optimizing one day.
Fixed problem with migrated fields not using default optmization settings for first optimization.
Added support for ignoring new Yahoo text file comments (ignore lines starting with "<!--").
Added support for handling splits by allowing direct re-importing of data.
Improved error handling when encounter problems with MetaStock data directories.
(Optimal Signal)
Fixed problem with displaying wrong trading style when modifying optimal signal field.
(Optional Hardware Key)
Added support for using TradingSolutions with hardware key through Windows remote desktop.
Added option to reoptimize postprocessing when update postprocessing settings.
Fixed problem allowing invalid optimization settings with Custom Solution Wizard DLL's.
(Solution Service)
Improved message displayed when Solution Service server not available.
(Trading Styles)
Improved settings in "Default Trading Style" for intraday data optimization.
Fixed erroneous message indicating open and close not defined for new trading styles.

Build 040916 Release 3.0

Primary New Features
Added ability to optimize entry/exit signal committees.
Added ability to optimize signal committee voting.
Added ability to optimize prediction settings and inputs based on signal analysis.
Added ability to optimize parameters of prediction inputs.
Added ability to optimize prediction while maintaining automatic samples-to-weights ratio.
Added ability to optimize group fields.
Added cross validation to optimization to prevent over-specialization.
Added steady state genetic optimization.
Expanded optimization fitness settings and simplified interface.
(Entry/Exit Systems)
Added system and rule functions for exiting on state of current trade (example: stop rules).
Replaced Animated Demo system with Video Help system accessible directly from software.
Simplified step-by-step tutorials to stress key-concepts and facilitate locating topics.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from v2.1
Fixed display of raw prediction output for signal models stopping at end of optimal signal data.
Fixed display of moving average, change, and percent change for streaming values.
(Entry/Exit Systems)
Fixed new rules not being displayed after copying entry/exit system rules.
Fixed problem with display of rules if went backward in wizard and copied another system.
Fixed new exchange not defaulting to local time zone in Windows XP.
Fixed problem with exporting data from group with series missing fields.
Simplified field creation interfaces. Added ability to set format of field at creation and improved defaults.
Fixed problem with rapidly creating signal analysis fields in multiple groups causing errors.
Fixed problem with inputs of predictions created from correlation analysis not being included in optimization.
Fixed problem with eSignal reporting too much intraday data received.
Fixed problem with importing files with number sign (#) in filename.
Fixed problem with "buffer overrun" message after streaming data is deleted.
Fixed problem with importing eSignal intraday data older than 60 trading days.
Fixed problem with streaming data that does not have high,low,open,close,volume fields.
Improved scanning of fixed width files, date formats, and time formats.
(Optimal Signals)
Added maximum initial drawdown setting.
Fixed problem with copies of work directories being named "Work #2 #2".
Fixed problem with portfolio not displaying alternate data names following updates.
Fixed problem with large imports and group operations causing database to grow too large.
Added ability to set default prediction ranges and settings for portfolio.
Added ability to set target samples-to-weights ratio for predictions.
Added ability to modify settings for multiple inputs at one time.
Handle stalled fields that are not updating after an error during import.
(Sample Portfolio)
Added updated sample data with new sample solutions.
(Signal Analysis)
Added Sortino Ratio, Calmar Ratio, Upsize/Downside Deviations, and Expectancy to analysis pages.
Added ability to select pre-training or post-training (production) data range for analysis.
Added Copy button to Analysis By Trade and Analysis By Bar pages for copying to Microsoft Excel.
Fixed problems with buy/hold analysis for fixed shares, slippage, and timed intraday trading styles.
Fixed problem with group prediction not displaying optimization ranges on equity curve.
Fixed problem with date controls not keeping changes if change and exit dialog by hitting return.
Fixed stoppage of trading of fixed-size investment styles when equity reaches 0.
Fixed display of raw prediction output for signal models stopping at end of optimal signal data.
Fixed display of change and percent change for streaming values.
(Trading Solutions)
Added ability to automatically optimize values when not re-using weights.
Added button to import common external data associated with trading solution.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from Beta 2
(Entry/Exit Systems)
Fixed problem with not being able to modify optimization settings when re-optimize.
Fixed problem backing out of prediction creation reporting "no start date defined".
Fixed problems with changes to group prediction model settings causing predictions to have errors.
Fixed two-layer predictions not having correct controls set when opened.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problems handling functions with names duplicating existing functions.
(Trading Styles)
Fixed problem with incorrect warning for evaluation values when v2.1 fitness style not selected.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from Beta 1
(Correlation Analysis)
Fixed problem with correlation-based predictions being wrong type of model.
Fixed default seed not being set to 1 as indicated in help.
Fixed problem with default fields in new work directories not calculating.
Fixed problem with changes to inputs of optimizable functions not being saved after initial save.
Fixed problems with interface to group field optimization settings.
Fixed problems with changes to group prediction model settings causing predictions to have errors.
Fixed problem with incorrect training pass being selected as "best" pass.
Simplified adding duplicate inputs with different preprocessing.
Added indication of which inputs are not being optimized when input optimization is enabled.
Added ability to create inputs to optimizable functions directly from interface.
(Signal Analysis)
Fixed fixed-investment trading styles sometimes returning n/a for all trading.
(Streaming Data)
Fixed problem with automatic signal analysis not resuming after streaming stopped.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem applying trading solutions with non-standard training set order and auto data ratio on.
Fixed problem importing trading solutions with errors causing existing functions to be deleted.
Fixed problem with exporting optimized predictions in trading solutions for v2.1.
Fixed problem of genetic settings not being set properly applying trading solutions from previous versions.
Fixed problem applying trading solutions with same field name for local and external data.
Build 031112
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Fixed predictions with disabled inputs not training or producing values after data updates.
Build 031105
New Features
Added ability to import and stream data from IQFeed.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Fixed problem with alert messages being issued when alert value is null.
Fixed problem with null values causing processing of alerts to slow significantly.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Fixed problem with streaming charts auto-selecting value range on each new bar.
Added ability to restrict date range of exported data.
Added ability to delete unused input fields when deleting models.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Fixed problem with renaming signal analysis fields and predictions with multiple outputs to a common name.
Improved streaming status messages.
Improved import data checking and associated warning messages.
Fixed problem with stock splits not being detected properly.
Fixed problem with updating data series with no exchange set.
Fixed problem with importing data from text files with more than 100 symbols.
Fixed message displayed if import of duplicate trading solution is skipped.
Fixed message displayed if function file contains errors.
(Information View)
Added context menu.
Fixed problem with Edit button not responding while large number of notes loading.
Added easier ways to display entire message and access message help.
Added option to display data as ticker symbols or as combination of name and symbol.
Added icons for 90-minute, 2-hour, and 3-hour bars.
Fixed problem with end-of-day icons getting overwritten when streaming stopped.
Fixed problem with portfolio not being updated when existing data imported to new group.
Improved default number of Processing Elements for large training ranges.
Fixed problem with exceptions when training predictions with >32000 exemplars.
Fixed problem with TradingSolutions crashing due to charts in status window not being displayed properly.
Fixed "external data missing" message when only external data series updated.
Fixed problem resulting in periodic database error message 3021 (EOF/BOF) during DRGetRows.
Fixed problem with predictions recalculating on each new bar when reference trading style using a calculated price.
(Signal Analysis)
Added Annualized Sharpe Ratio to Overview and Equity Risk pages.
Fixed problem with signal analysis fields not saving setting to use "current" analysis style.
(Solution Service)
Fixed problems with refreshing of Portfolio View after delete a data series and re-update.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Fixed problem with spreadsheet reloading after each streaming bar.
Fixed problem with signal values copied to clipboard not retaining sign.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem with trading solutions creating only optimal signals setting primary signal.
(Trading Styles)
Added warning if attempt to use values other than open from next bar for setting limits or stops.
Included new stocks and intraday signals in the sample portfolio.
Revised order and content of introductory tutorial.
Build 030825
New Features
Added ability to import end-of-day stock data from Quotes Plus.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Added periodicity information to external fields of different periodicity.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Improved HLOC chart when only two units wide to show close instead of open.
Fixed problem with fields created using "Create A New Field..." button not displaying after calculated.
Fixed problem with adding fields to chart reseting chart range.
Fixed problem with subcharts resizing when adding or removing fields.
Fixed problem with deleting new groups fields not deleting data fields from large groups properly.
Added periodicity information to external inputs of different periodicity.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Added functions for determining Day of Week Occurrence and deriving values from the Date Number.
Added variable length versions of the Count, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index, and Stochastic Oscillator functions.
Added Price Channel, Windowed Z-Score, Random Integer, and Ultimate Oscillator functions.
Fixed problem with Define Functions, Entry/Exit Systems, Trading Solutions, and Alerts Dialogs missing recent changes.
Fixed problem with Entry/Exit Systems and Alert definitions intermitently saving with settings causing fields not to calculate.
Fixed problem with functions with multiple Lead function calls.
Added ability to stream multiple periodicities at one time via eSignal.
Fixed problem with intraday import update only requesting data through current local time rather than current exchange time.
Fixed problem with Futures symbol selection not deselecting "Continuous" when selecting month.
Fixed problem with warning message concerning too much data creating extra data series.
Fixed problem with temporary files not being deleted when have errors importing text files.
Fixed problem with exchange not being set for data imported from text files without ticker column.
Added support for optional hardware key on Windows XP 64-bit systems.
Added periodicity information to non-end-of-day message sources.
Fixed problem with Portfolio View hanging on signal analysis fields with only null values and multiple outputs.
Fixed problem with Move not removing from initial group when data already in target group.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Fixed optimization of secondary signal outputs.
Added repair initiating automatic retry of fields that previously encountered errors.
(Solution Service)
Simplified Solution Service introductory dialog.
Fixed problem with handling Solution Service files labeled as incomplete due to file corruption.
Added periodicity information to external fields of different periodicity.
Improved synchronization between external data with different periodicities.
Changed display color of dates for projected values after end of spreadsheet.
Fixed problem with fields created using "Create A New Field..." button not displaying after calculated.
Fixed problem with "Display Fields In Chart..." menu item not working from Date column.
(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem with exported trading solutions with fields using CSW DLL's not importing properly.
Fixed problem with exported trading solutions with multiple fields using one CSW DLL including multiple copies of DLL.
Fixed problem with trading solutions not correctly loading non-optimal signal predictions with no preprocessing.
Fixed problem with trading solutions not correctly reusing predictions and group fields.
Fixed problem with garbage being displayed in status when applying solution with external calculations.

Build 030611

New Features: End-of-Day Version
Free 30-day Real-Time evaluation now available for end-of-day users.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Added message warning if alert rule is incomplete during definition.
Fixed problem with message indicating alerts only available in real-time appearing too often.

Fixed problem with subcharts resizing incorrectly when chart window resized.
Fixed problem with maximized and minimized charts restoring in normal state.
Double-clicking on a field in the legend now opens that field for modification.
Improved speed of loading chart.

(Entry/Exit Signals)
Added message warning if entry/exit rule is incomplete during definition.

Set default of calculation inputs named "Signal" to the Primary Signal.
Fixed Select button not being available when Primary/Secondary Signal selected on Function Inputs page.
Fixed erroneous message concerning default field format for non-definition group fields.

Added functions for extracting the High, Low, and Open of the previous day from intraday data.

Improved speed of import operations.
Improved messages associated with starting streaming data.
Improved messages associated with eSignal connection errors.
Improved messages associated with setting the exchange to none.
Improved messages associated with trying to add data to Active Solutions group.
Improved logic for detecting "end-of-day" update files.
Added messages indicating when data not being included in update.
Added resolution of Min/Max columns to Low/High from text files.
Fixed streaming of FOREX data.
Fixed streaming volume associated with indices not matching historical values.
Fixed new exchanges not appearing in list when added from Import Data Wizard.
Fixed problem requiring large amount of database compacting after importing of text files.
Fixed ability to incorrectly import data into Active Solutions group.
Fixed problems with importing large number of intraday symbols from eSignal.
Fixed Import Data Wizard not switching selection to symbol list when click on symbol list.

(Information View)
Changed last price and change to use four decimal places to allow for FOREX trading.

Reduced size of installation by better compressing the help files.
Fixed problem with dates being displayed as symbols on systems using non-US codepage for date strings.

Added automatic removal of oldest messages if message list grows too large.

Added ability to display streaming bid and ask information as display fields.
Improved speed of copy/move/delete operations.
Improved message for deleting empty portfolio group.
Fixed problem with old chart and spreadsheet names appearing in program title at startup.
Fixed problem with intraday data being displayed relative to local time rather than current exchange time.
Fixed problem with out-of-date data not properly being grayed following partial updates.
Fixed problem with not displaying last value of signal analysis fields with end dates.

Improved message indicating missing external values causing old values to be used.
Improved detection of potential problems with function, entry/exit system and alert definitions.
Fixed problem with processing looping if field has field with input error.
Fixed problem with crashing if trading solution weights corrupted.
Fixed problem with displays not updating when error detected in field.
Fixed problem with stopped processing automatically restarting after compact or repair.
Fixed problem with signal analysis fields with end dates repeating last value after end date.
Fixed problem with looping if data deleted from start of data series while processing pending.
Fixed problem with automatically starting stopped processing when new system functions available.

Fixed problem with repair erroneously reporting some field dependencies being updated.

(Signal Analysis)
Fixed problem with new work directories not having pre-defined signal analysis options.
Fixed problem with changing default signal analysis not causing signals to be reanalyzed.
Fixed problem with Modify Data Series: Entry/Exit Signals date range not updating when changed.
Fixed problem with "from beginning of hour/day/week" analyses not starting new segments while streaming.
Fixed problem with maximum drawdown for trade statistics not including bar on which stop occurs.
Changed prices to be displayed with four decimal places to allow for FOREX trading.

(Solution Service)
Improved speed of Solution Service updates.

Fixed problem with "Insert New Date" hanging if exchange set to .
Fixed problem with maximized and minimized spreadsheets restoring in normal state.
Fixed problem with "all data" displaying no values for intraday data series.
Improved speed of loading spreadsheet.
Build 030417
New Features: Evaluation Version
Evaluation version now features full access to all features for 30 days.
Three intraday sample models added to tutorial.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Fixed problem with prediction range not being displayed if entire date range of prediction not loaded in chart.
Fixed problem with first and last ticks in HLOC and candlestick charts being clipped.
Fixed problem with projected dates including bar for market closing time.

Added "New Format" button to Modify Field Dialog.
Improved message associated with pressing Cancel on Modify Field Dialog.

Added ability to update/overwrite all current data from Internet.
Added ability to keep import update settings from last import.
Added message to turn on update/streaming options when change data source from text file to Internet.
Added message indicating to set data source of current stocks when add new data source.
Added warning if set main tutorial stock to update data prior to tutorials being completed.
Added warning following changing exchange settings, especially for intraday data.
Added warning if changing exchange settings for an exchange currently in use.
Fixed problem with end-of-day data sources being displayed as available for groups with intraday data.
Fixed problem with initial default exchange being set to "All German Exchanges" in some portfolios.
Fixed message when have duplicate symbols in single date end-of-day file.

Reduced size of installation by better compressing graphics in helps and tutorials.

Fixed problem with Messages and Alerts window sort order box not displaying.
Reduced severity of training failure messages from error to warning.

(Portfolio View)
Fixed problem with portfolio view updating once for each output in multiple output signal analysis.
Fixed potential problem with portfolio view displaying fields as pending after calculations completed.

Improved ordering of processing when data for external inputs imported after target series.
Moved "Processing Stopped" check during startup from message box to Messages and Alerts window.
Added message indicating when data may be missing from update for fields using external data series.
Added ability to repair internal error of data field missing data storage column.
Fixed problem with some status tasks being labelled "Stopped" remaining in task list.
Fixed problem with processing completion sound not playing if immediately after another message.
Fixed problem with processing appearing to hang after training results in weights going to infinity.

(Signal Analysis)
Fixed problem with signal analysis field for "today" including wrong amount of data after restart streaming.
Fixed problem with signal analysis field for "week to date" starting at middle of day.
Fixed problem with signal analysis field "Number of Trades" including failed trades (outside of trading style times, etc.).
Fixed problem with signal analysis field reporting not matching definition trading style for non-predicted signals.

Added ability to manually add intraday records.
Fixed problem with spreadsheet jumping to last row when viewing middle while streaming.
Fixed problem with spreadsheet view updating once for each output in multiple output signal analysis.
Fixed problem with projected dates including bar for market closing time.

(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problem with solutions intermitently resolving incorrectly (symptom: output appears shifted when displayed).
Fixed problem with predictions used as inputs to other fields not being reused when solution re-applied.
Fixed problem with editing/renaming imported solution causing source ticker and periodicity information to be lost.

(Version Migration)
Fixed problem with "End-of-Day Last Updated" not appearing after migrate v2.0 portfolios.
Fixed problem with TradingSolutions function seed file appearing updated when entering daylight savings time.

Build 030321 Release 2.1
New Features: Real-Time Version
Support for streaming real-time data from eSignal.
User definable Alerts to issue messages when events occur, such as when to trade.
New Features: All Versions
Messages and Alerts window displays checklist/history of all recent messages.
Data sources and exchanges allow you to specify where data is imported from.
Support for historical intraday/daily/weekly/monthly data from eSignal for U.S. and international symbols.
Step-by-step tutorials now include screenshots and improved insights.
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes from Version 2.0
Added clearer indication of whether optional hardware key is detected.

Added ability to load subset of data for faster charting.
Added display of real-time streaming values.

(Data Dialog)
Fixed internal date ranges not being updated after "Remove Some Data" button used.

(Entry/Exit Systems)
Fixed problem with not saving entry/exit system changes if only and/or condition changed.

Improved the introductory text for each field creation wizard.

(Function Import)
Fixed problems importing function files with some items not selected.

Added "Repair Portfolio Files..." to File menu for repairing common database problems.

Added complete eSignal international symbol list and updated U.S. Prophet stock symbols.

(Information View)
Changed price "change" display for intraday data to be from close of previous day.

Fixed problem with horizontal scroll bars appearing on lists with vertical scroll bars under Windows XP.

(Modify Field Dialog)
Added "Create a New Field..." button on function input page.
Fixed field selection tree being available for constant inputs.

(Portfolio View)
Added tooltips for signal icons.
Added display fields for displaying real-time streaming values.
Added visual indication of periodicity and streaming data.
Improved performance of Portfolio View updates.

Fixed problem with Advanced Topology Dialog not displaying checkmark when automatic settings used.
Fixed problem with initial display scale of date range control.
Fixed problem with "trading style not matching" messages appearing during data updates.
Updated the prediction analysis text to be more informative.

Processing now occurs in background to allow work during calculations.
Processing is now prioritized to update displays as quickly as possible.
Added "Task List" display of pending processing.
Added user settable Sounds for severity and types of messages.

(Signal Analysis)
Fixed percent change from high calculation for short trades with variable commissions.
Fixed calculation of current trade profit when not trading entire account.
Added signal analysis for a given number of bars.

(Solution Service)
Added message to clarify difference between Solution Service passwords and other passwords.

Added ability to load subset of data for faster loading.
Changed spreadsheet to display last values first.

(Trading Solutions)
Fixed problems preventing trading solutions from being created correctly.
Improved performance of applying trading solutions.

(Version Migration)
Added ability to have separate work directories for v2.1 and previous versions.
Added ability to copy old work directories for use in new version instead of only overwriting them.
Fixed problem upgrading toolbars when migrating portfolio from Change Work Directory.

Build 020309
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Fixed potential problem with calculations using external data as inputs.
- If external data is updated and target data is not, last value in target data series could be overwritten with incorrect value.

Fixed display of first signal in chart when previous signal was opposite exit.

Fixed handling of duplicate dates during data import.
Fixed handling of filenames containing exclamation points and other characters.

(Information View)
Added percent change to display.
Fixed handling of changing data series while editing a note.

(Portfolio View)
Fixed "Float in Main Window" setting crashing when changing work directory.

Fixed typo in data set ordering combo box.

(Solution Service)
Added optional reminders to register for and update the Solution Service.

Fixed status bar not being displayed by default under Windows XP.

Build 020115
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
(Solution Service)
Improved support for accessing service through proxies, firewalls, and caches.
Build 011210
Usability Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Added "Default Chart" to previous views menu.
Added "Six Months" size to date axis menus.
Added automatic addition of price information when request chart of signal.

Clarified messages indicating what to do when demo paused due to mouse movement.

(Fields) Fixed signal analysis field names including incorrect scope information.
Fixed erroneous warning message when deleting group fields overlaying data definitions.

Fixed status messages indicating to press Resume Deferred Processing after encountering a field error.
Fixed color of More button on Windows Me/2000/XP.

Added section on Text File Data Formats.
Added documentation and notes for common signal analysis fields.
Updated name of Solution Service inactive solution group to "Previous Solutions".
Updated "Create and Apply a Trading Solution" tutorial with new screen sequence.
Updated helps for Solution Service messages.

(Information View)
Added "Chart" button to display default chart (settable from Modify Options Dialog).

Improve performance when predicting new values.

(Portfolio View)
Fixed naming of primary/service signal when display in chart from display field context menu.
Fixed display fields not being displayed in some cases when added after fields from parent group.
Fixed display fields not being removed properly when removed from before fields from parent group.
Disabled ability to move data into or out of Active Solutions group (copy still available).

(Signal Analysis)
Fixed trading solutions not saving included Signal Analysis field analysis ranges correctly.

(Solution Service)
Improved support for accessing Solution Service from behind firewalls.

Added "Default Spreadsheet" to previous views menu.

Fixed TradingSolutions starting minimized when previously exited in minimized state.
Fixed potential crash if manually delete contents of current Work directory.

Build 011105 Release 2.0
Note: Work directories opened with this build or later will not be available to be opened with previous builds.

New Features

Improved demonstrations better explain how to produce successful trading signals.
New Solution Service provides live sample models with commentary.
New features make it easier to track and trade signals:
  • New Primary and Secondary Signal settings for easier signal selection.
  • New Display Fields interface for easier-to-customize displays.
  • New Signal Analysis Field interface for easier signal analysis.
  • New Signal Analyses, including year-to-date and six month returns.
  • Changed signals now highlighted to indicate when action is required.
  • Out-of-date signals and values now more clearly designated.
New Information View allows you to edit and display notes about the data.
Usability Improvements
New help section highlights changes made for each new version.
Added selection tree icons to differentiate local fields from group fields.
Improved performance when data or fields are updated or changed.
Trading solutions now default to include training weights.
Retraining now optional when Custom Solution Wizard DLL path changed.
Default to export raw data only when exporting data series.
Portfolio View information re-sorted less.
Improved Portfolio View sizing when new display field columns added.
Support for NeuroDimension USB and Parallel Port Hardware Keys added.
Improved import date/time/ticker column detection.
Improved split detection to not report splits on large intraday moves.
Function Definition Updates
Added difference and percent difference from moving average functions.
Added Keltner Channel functions.
Added Bars In Position function.
Sample Model Updates
Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) model updated to use new moving average functions.
Bug Fixes
Fixed problem with some printer drivers crashing when try to print chart.
Fixed Chart View subcharts being resized incorrectly when chart restored.
Fixed offset of multiple entry/exit signals in multiple subcharts in Chart View.
Fixed spreadsheet and chart icons under large fonts.

(Data/Group Field Problems)
Fixed data and group level predictions for same field not grouping on modify Data Series Dialog.
Fixed group predictions not using individual settings for genetic optimization.
Fixed changing group definitions to data level definitions not migrating inputs correctly.
Fixed problems with deletion of group fields when data is or was in multiple groups.
Fixed problem preventing deletion of a data copy when it is used as input to another data series.
Added message indicating when an abbreviated training range is being used for group predictions.
Fixed available date range not being calculated correctly for group fields.

Allow for the mouse moving in the process of clicking the play button.

(Entry/Exit Systems)
Fixed problem with not being able to save rules added to most recently created entry/exit system.

(Field Definition)
Fixed warning of training being changed when modifying newly copied field.
Fixed scrolling of the input list when applying a trading solution.
Fixed incorrect issuing of informational message saying trading style not matching.
Fixed data under group predictions not allowing for manual reoptimization.
Fixed "Maximum Epochs w/o Improvement" spinner control adjustment size.

Fixed "Highest" and "Bars Since Highest" functions not working with negative numbers.
Fixed "Lead (Variable Length)" function not working properly.
Fixed processing of functions which include both Lead() and Prev() calls.

Added support for default field naming when price data is all integers.
Changed import to include columns in which first 20 columns are empty.
Fixed MetaStock import including precision errors after seventh decimal place.

(Portfolio View)
Fixed initial sizing of Portfolio View scrollbars.
Fixed last column in Portfolio View sometimes being resized to incorrect width.
Fixed sizing of portfolio rows under large fonts.

Fixed handling of changing group fields from signal to non-signal format.
Added indication to "Analysis by Trade" page if simulation runs out of funds.
Fixed creation of new fields added to existing group signal analysis.
Fixed analysis fields not handling current trade correctly for winning/losing/long/short-specific scopes.

Fixed "Display Fields in Chart..." not working from Date column of spreadsheet.
Fixed spreadsheet of all fields including duplicates of fields in previous and saved views.
Fixed problem with certain hand-entered numbers being displayed with precision anomalies in status bar.

Fixed problem with workspace growing too large for TradingSolutions to start.
Fixed restoring of maximized program window when starting after tutorial has been run.

(Status Dialog)
Fixed processing completion sound to not be played when processing continuing.
Fixed status bar not reaching 100% when importing partial data from the Internet.
Fixed genetic optimization graph so the fitness line doesn't get hidden behind the zero line.
Added message to status dialog indicating if fields still require processing.

(Trading Styles)
Fixed problem with trading styles referencing wrong fields after all data deleted from portfolio.

Fixed field selection trees not selecting correct item when double-click to right of item.
Fixed import trading solution incorrectly indicating trading solution imported when skip selected.
Build 010614
Note: The Portfolio View for each Work directory may need to be repositioned and/or resized when the Work directory is first opened with this build.

Usability Improvements

Added "Apply Trading Solution..." to menus in Portfolio View.
Simplified the Apply Trading Solution Wizard and added additional warning messages.
Changed default when applying a trading solution to use included training weights.
Added automatic opening of signal analysis after applying a trading solution from Portfolio View.
Added ability to select multiple fields for retraining on Modify Data Series: Predictions page.
Added Import Data Wizard support for "H", "L", "O", "C", and "V" as column labels.
Added message specific to files being marked read-only after copying them from a CD-ROM.
New "Change Work Directory Dialog" now displayed on systems with Windows Me/2000/XP or IE5.
Bug Fixes
Fixed genetic input selection not remaining selected when switching usage of global defaults off.
Fixed signal analysis fields not executing new signal from second-to-last bar.
Fixed Import Data Wizard detection of undelimited time column with a delimited date column.
Fixed Modify Group Dialog: Display page loop when try to slide inherited display field.
Fixed LagVL() and LeadVL() functions returning null for variable length zero.
Fixed signal optimization not working with manually lagged inputs added as "input groups".
Fixed Portfolio View not restoring docking correctly on same edge with toolbars.
Fixed processing for modifying optimization trading style for newly copied predictions.
Fixed status bar not updating correctly for unsupervised user Custom Solution Wizard DLL's.
Added recovery from Microsoft Jet bug preventing fields from being created after compacting.
Build 010531
Note: Work directories opened with this build or later will not be available to be opened with previous builds.

Notes concerning changes from v1.2 and v1.21

Build 0105022 included two problems that caused training to be different from v1.2:
- The start date of the prediction and analysis ranges was being adjusted by a few days.
- The seed for the neural network was being handled differently from version 1.2.
This patch restores the correct processing of the start date and seed values.
The models generated with TradingSolutions v1.21 Build 010522 are valid and usable; however, because of this change, retraining of models created with build 010522 may yield different results.
Release 1.21 also added two changes to the way annual returns are calculated:
- When the last trade is still open, the equity is now calculated using the basis for current equity. (Typically, this changed the ending equity from being the last open to being the last close.)
- When trading fixed dollar amounts and fixed shares, annualized returns used the IRR.
After additional testing, it was found that this was not a good measure for optimization/comparison.
This build restores the annualized return calculations used in v1.2.
Due to these new calculations, models optimized on annualized returns may optimize differently.
Bug Fixes
Fixed results of training not matching training of Version 1.2 - see clarification above.
Fixed date ranges being incorrectly adjusted around weekends/holidays.
Fixed annualized returns when trading fixed dollar amounts and fixed shares.
Fixed chart view occasionally collapsing date legend after zooming in and out.
Fixed handling of manually entered dates with null open or close values during signal analysis.
Fixed informational message for "trading styles not matching" being generated for entry/exit systems.
"Sample Model for HWP" updated to match Long Only optimal signal changes added in v1.21.
All other sample models update to ensure optimization matches based on new annual return calculation.
Note: Import these solutions from "Sample Solutions" to update them in any Work directories.
Build 010522 Release 1.21
Function Definition Updates
Added over 60 new built-in functions, including:
A new Signal Filters function group, including new trade stop simulations.
A new Constant Values function group with commonly used constant values.
New Signal Processing functions, including Bars Since Entry.
New Series Sampling functions, including states since a condition was last true.
New Variable Length series functions to allow more flexible series processing.
New Date functions, including Days Since Date and Value On Date.
Average True Range Bars functions.
A Linear Regression Period Intercept function.
(Accept automatic import of NDTSSeed.tsf to load changes when updating from previous versions.)

Usability Improvements

Added "Percent of Bars in Market" to values available for fitness calculation.
Added Import Function and Import Solution buttons to Create a Field Wizard.
Added Copy button to the Create Signal Analysis Fields Wizard to copy existing field sets.
Removed display of informational panel after long download before processing begins.
Changed message displayed when canceling changes to signal analysis to be more informative.
Changed signal analysis to use equity basis for value of last position when still open.
Changed status bar to display ticker name for data ID in context.

Bug Fixes

Fixed calculation of annual return for fixed shares and fixed amount trading styles.
Fixed Open values not being displayed in Signal Analysis: Analysis By Bar.
Fixed Trading Solution import not recognizing new style with different fitness values.
Fixed Optimal Signal for Long Trade Only and Short Trade Only trading styles.
Fixed Optimal Signal exiting early for trading styles using initial value stops.
Fixed signal analysis Fitness Values page not reloading properly after reoptimization.
Fixed signal analysis Trading Overview page values when "As Equity" selected.
Fixed the profit for the benchmark Modify Data Dialog: Signals page not being annualized.
Fixed fitness values for Profit Factor and Avg Win/Avg Loss not being displayed when no losses.
Fixed Modify Field Dialog requesting to rename field multiple times on desired output change.
Fixed the Import Data Wizard: Verify Text Format page Date Order control being ignored.
Fixed the Import Data Wizard auto-detecting low numbers in the format n.nn as time values.
Fixed the Import Data Wizard not restoring previous column type selections.
Fixed the Import Data Wizard not accepting date information for end-of-day files.
Fixed Custom Solution Wizard DLL's not restoring non-trained weights from NeuroSolutions.
Fixed restoring of secondary fields in log scale charts.
Fixed signals not displaying in log scale charts.
Fixed not being able to set samples in advance for correlation analysis as input option.
Removed requirement of trading style annual trades evaluation values being integers.

Build 010412 Release 1.2

Note: Work directories opened with this build or later will not be available to be opened with previous builds.

New Features

New easier-to-follow tutorial format that gets you up and running quickly.
Updated sample data with sample models for today's volatile markets.
Trading Styles added to combine investment, commission, and trading field settings.
New signal analysis options:
Trade with an entire account, a fixed amount, or a fixed number of shares.
Simulate paying a fixed commission or a percentage of the trade price.
Evaluate increasing profits using limit orders.
Evaluate minimizing losses using stop orders.
Simulate slippage on trading values.
Restrict trading to use whole or fractional shares.
Automatically exit intraday trading based on time of day.
Optimization of predicted signals can now be based on multiple factors, such as percent wins.
Logarithmic charting option now available in the Chart View and Equity Curve.
Intraday data can now be imported and used in the same way as end-of-day data.
Usability Improvements
New prediction overview page allows you to easily compare effectiveness of predictions.
New signal analysis page allows you to compare signals using different trading styles.
New date range controls allow you to specify range in days/weeks/months/years.
Added ability to use original field names and generate redundant fields from solutions.
Dates now formatted based on Windows date format settings.
Improved auto-selection of functions when switching between function groups.
Added message when invalid date information is found during import.
Added warning against predicting change or percent change of optimal signal.
Added warning against creating entry/exit systems that will not exit.
Automatically set signal correlation analysis predictions to use postprocessing.
Improved messages to indicate what to do if TradingSolutions was not installed properly.
Improved recognition and support of single day (end-of-day) files.
Improved handling of updated functions in trading solutions.
Improved performance when updating data from MetaStock files.
Prediction training sets can now be placed in any order.
Predictions now default to using optimal signals as desired outputs.
Added ability to analyze signal from signal analysis display fields.
Bug Fixes
Fixed Prev() function in entry/exit systems not returning expected values.
Fixed import of large number of columns failing due to check for null dates.
Fixed formula editor not freeing input type restrictions after incorrect function selection.
Fixed correlation of field as input to other fields reporting memory error.
Fixed non-standard entry/exit system rule conditions not being saved correctly.
Fixed spreadsheet header row not sizing properly for all field names.
Fixed fields not being recalculated when new function definition imported over old one.
Fixed the copying of fields with names near the maximum length.
Fixed erroneous data fields being created under group definitions when inputs not available.
Fixed import of quoted column headings which are preceded by spaces.
Fixed entry/exit systems recalculating when name, notes, or description changed.
Fixed trading solution fields being listed as "~Not Set~" in default field name.
Fixed user functions calling date functions (like DayOfYear()) not working correctly.
Fixed report of number of samples removed for dynamic networks.
Fixed "Include Zero in Auto-Fit Range" not being saved with Chart View.
Fixed subchart characteristics not moving correctly when dragging subchart.
Fixed solutions not creating external calculated fields correctly.
Fixed export of data for NeuroSolutions possibly producing duplicate column names.
Fixed Import Data Wizard possibly adding file twice when update requested.
Function Definition Updates
Added Hour, Minute, Second, and Is First Bar Of Day functions.
Added MACD Histogram function.
Changed Is First Day Of Week short name from IsDayOfWeek1 to IsFirstDayOfWeek.
(Accept automatic import of NDTSSeed.tsf to load changes when updating from previous versions.)

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