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TradingSolutions End-of-Day and Real-Time are powerful toolkits that enable you to implement your own ideas without having to hire programmers or get a Ph.D. TradingSolutions includes several hundred indicators, systems, and other mathematical functions to help you process your data. It also allows you to write new functions and systems, as well as import functions and systems written by other users. Once written or imported, these functions and systems can then be used exactly like those included in the software.

The files listed below are functions and systems that were published in the "Traders' Tips" section of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities (TASC) magazine. The Traders' Tips section is a monthly feature in which NeuroDimension and the makers of other software programs show you how to implement techniques presented in featured articles.

Once you have downloaded a function, unzip it and import it into TradingSolutions using "Import Functions..." from the "File" menu.

Here is a list of the systems we have implemented:

December Trent Gardnerís VIX Crossing System for the SPY Download Now
October Gerald Gardnerís Halloween Indicator System for ETFís Download Now
February Barbara Starís TMV Functions Download Now
January Johnny Doughís functions for Reversing the MACD Download Now
May Khalil and Stecklerís Volume Zone Oscillator Download Now
March Johnan Prathapís Three-Bar Inside Bar Pattern System Download Now
June John Ehlersí Fractal Dimension Indicator Download Now
May Smoothed Bollinger %b Indicator Download Now
April David G. Hawkinsí Modified Price-Volume Trend Indicator Download Now
March John Ehlersí Bandpass Filter Functions Download Now
December Dan Valcuís Disparity Index Download Now
October David Hawkinsí Volume-Weighted MACD Histogram Download Now
September Giorgos Siligardosí Pivot Detector Oscillator Download Now
April Gerald Gardnerís Mutual Fund System Download Now
August Lee Leibfarthís Premier Stochastic Oscillator Download Now
July Leader of the MACD Download Now
June ETF Timing System Download Now
May Zero-Lag Typical Price and Heikin-Ashi Crossover System Download Now
February Price-Only SVAPO and Zero-Lag EMA Download Now
November SVAPO Short-Term Volume and Price Oscillator Download Now
July Buff Dormeierís Volume Price Confirmation Indicator Download Now
April Adjusted Rate-of-Change Indicator Download Now
March Moving Average Crossover Detection Download Now
December Stochastics with Long-Term EMA Filter System Download Now
September Lee Leibfarthís Adaptive Price Zone Strategy Download Now
August John Ehlersí Instantaneous Trendline Model Download Now
July Leon Wilsonís Wilson Relative Price Channel Download Now
June Rick Martinelliís Martinelli Alpha System Download Now
May John Formanís Normalized Average True Range Download Now
April Chris Youngís Average Peak Excursion Download Now
March Jacinta Chenís Bollinger Bands Z System Download Now
February David Sepiashviliís Self-Adjusting RSI Download Now
Jaunary John Ehlersí Swiss Army Knife Indicator Download Now
November Gomu Vetrivelís Speed Indicator Test Systems Download Now
October John Ehlersí Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Download Now
August Andrew Tomlinsonís Price Band Oscillator Download Now
July Massimiliano Scorpioís pattern recognition indicators Download Now
June Daryl Guppyís Darvas-style indicatorsm Download Now
April Steve Palmquistís Moving Average Pullback System Download Now
February Jim Bergís Volatility Indicators Download Now
January Markos Katsanos' Penny Stock Breakout System Download Now
December M.H. Pee's Trend Trigger Factor Download Now
November Vadim Gimelfarb's True Range Specified Volume Indicator Download Now
September Giorgos Siligardos' Reverse-Engineered RSI (Part III) Download Now
July Markos Katsanos' Volume Flow Indicator Performance Tests Download Now
June Markos Katsanos' Volume Flow Indicator Download Now
May John Ehlers' Inverse Fisher Transform indicators Download Now
April David Sepiashvili's Trend-Quality Indicator Download Now
February Dan Valcu's Heikin-Ashi Technique Functions Download Now
January Jongseon Kim's TRIX System Download Now
December Fractional MACD and Linear Regression Reversal Indicator Download Now
October Vadim Gimelfarb's Bull and Bear Balance Indicator Download Now
September Markos Katsanos' Finite Volume Elements Indicator (Part II) Download Now
August Giorgos Siligardos' Reverse-Engineered RSI (Part II) Download Now
July Chris Satchwell's Regularized EMA Download Now
June Reverse-Engineered RSI and Implied Volatility and Volume system Download Now
April Markos Katsanos' Finite Volume Elements indicator Download Now
February Veronique Valcu's Z-Score Indicator Download Now
November John Ehlers' Fisher Transform Download Now
October John Ehlers' Smoothed RSI Download Now
September Highest High/Lowest Low of Current/Previous Week Download Now
August Dennis Peterson's Stochastic RSI And Bollinger Bands Trading System Download Now
July John Ehlers' Zero-Lag Filters Download Now
June M.H.Pee's Trend Intensity Index Download Now
May John F. Ehlers' Center of Gravity Oscillator Download Now
November Rudy Teseo's Threshold Trading System. Download Now
September Viktor Likhovidovís CandleCode Trading System. Download Now
August Igor Livshin's Balance of Power. Download Now
June Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average and Band functions. Download Now
May Relative Performance Charting functions. Download Now
April John Ehlers' Filters. Download Now
March Viktor Likhovidovís CandleCode and CandleWeight. Download Now
February Buff Dormeierís Volume Weighted Moving Average. Download Now
January Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan's Range Index. Download Now
October Brian Bellís normalization functions. Download Now
September John Ehlers' Squelch Functions. Download Now
August Mark Vakkur's breakout range system. Download Now

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