Customer Quotes

"This is an amazing program. I have been able to develop numerous profitable models for my hedge fund. Several have begun to generate profits."
- Frank Bunn, Owner, Expert Systems Company

"The models I've built have great potential and seem to perform quite well outside the test period... In November I began by investing in CISCO and it has captured the turns in the market since then quite well."
- Brett Ifill

"Just wanted to say that the Solution Service is remarkable. I am trading its models and some of my models (SRCL and PDCO, reviewing PLL and UB) and having fun (and money :-)."
- Alexei Pachkov

"I am amazed at the flexibility and capabilites of the package. In about 10 minutes I came up with a net that predicts a smaller-cap semiconductor stock with better than 75% accuracy! And best of all it is based on only two inputs, which makes me feel good about its limited degrees of freedom."
- Daniel Ervi, Webmaster, Neural 101

"Congratulations on a superb package! It has allowed me to lift the level of my game to focus on the essential issues of input, topology and profitability. Overall, it is a very well crafted package and a pleasure to use."
- Dr. Richard Sawyer

"TS (TradingSolutions) is a great application, good UI and depth of technical content. I don't make these compliments lightly, since I'm also a developer of financial software (mutual and hedge fund optimization and manager style analysis)"
-John Groenewold

"Kudos to you and your team. Even leaving functionality aside for a moment as far as PC software is concerned it is one of, if not the, slickest designs and executions I have had the pleasure of using."
- Colin Woods, Software Developer

"I am so glad I purchased TS. It is so well written. It's a pleasure to use it."
- Johnny Larsson, Engineer, Sweden

"I have used Trade Station and have found your Functions and Entry/Exit paradigm incredibly easy to use. The way you have structured the interface makes for error free syntax, and no need to learn a programming language. After all, all we want to do is make money. Not have to learn how to program. Very impressive, very nice."
- Glenn Hutton

"Prior to using TS, I was using metastock. I have made money on just about every TS signal trade I have made and I am confident using it. I made $ in 2001."
- Roger Sage

"Even though I have other Neural Network programs, your program presented an interface that allowed me to quickly grasp certain relationships and test them in ways that I had not been able to previously. Testing of multiple issues and multiple strategies at the same time is quite helpful."
- Bill Van Dyke

"What I like most about TradingSolutions is the ease of creating predictions and trading systems based on neural networks, very good Step-by-Step tutorials and nice charts."
- Jozef Clijsters

"The thing I am most happy about my purchase of NeuroSolutions and TradingSolutions is the level of technical support I have received thus far. I have spoken with three different engineers at various times, and all of them made an extra effort to see to it that I had a good understanding of the issue I was calling about."
- Jack Wyluda

"I just had to tell you how impressed I am with the program and I have barely scratched the surface so far. You are one of the few trading software producers who have enough confidence in their program to supply an active, instead of a passive demo and allow sufficient time to learn how to appreciate its features. Trading Solutions is also one of the very few that has taken the common sense approach of displaying help files down one side so they can be viewed at the same time as using the features. Very rarely in my lifetime have I seen a piece of equipment that I couldn`t quickly see how it could have been improved, but going through the help files and tutorials on Trading Solutions just keeps opening up more reasons for appreciating how well you have designed the program."
- Eric Sorensen

"The program performs almost flawlessly. MetaStock, which I have used for many years, is the only other financial modeling software about which I could make that claim. When I have come across minor glitches or failed to comprehend how a feature of TS worked I have found the technical support to be far superior to the industry norm. Glitches are usually patched within a day or two and when I have failed to understand specifics of the technology I have always received complete and literate explanations. Five months of active use is really not long enough to form a definitive opinion of the utility of the program. However, I will say that my returns over this period can be favorably compared to any other five months in my trading history and for a lot of folks I know that this was a difficult time. During this time I have come to rely on TS more than the other neural programs I use. Finally, and I never thought I would say this about any software, the program can actually be fun to use."
- Richard Arvedon

"Let me say that the customer service you have is very good, it is a pleasure for me to have your software!!"
- Hector Rodriguez

"I find the Help System of TradingSolutions extremely well done and very well organized. The topics are clear and I always seem to find what I'm looking for quite quickly. Congratulations on a job well done. The Tutorials are also top notch and the extra notes are very nice for those wanting a bit more. I followed all of them and it allowed me to get a good grasp of the product in a very short time..."
- Alain Lavoie

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