TradingSolutions Automation SDK

The TradingSolutions Automation Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to extend the functionality of TradingSolutions in several ways:

  • Automate TradingSolutions and access its data.
  • Develop trading tools and add-ons.
More information on each of these features is available below.

Automate TradingSolutions and access its data.

The TradingSolutions Automation SDK adds the ability to access the TradingSolutions interface from a variety of languages and programs using OLE automation.

Control and access TradingSolutions from:

  • Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel, Word, and Access
  • Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio .NET
Over 250 properties and methods are provided to allow you to control TradingSolutions to trigger imports, access data, and analyze signals. In addition, events are available to enable you to watch and react to alerts, as well as other conditions. Complete documentation is provided for every call and value available.

Sample applications are provided to show you how to automate the following tasks:

Process Alerts
Automatically process alerts when they happen. This sample shows how to send the text of each alert to an e-mail address. Extend this example to contact your pager or even automate your trading.

Update Your Portfolio On a Timer
Automatically download end-of-day data every trading day. This sample even checks the updated data for new signals and e-mails notifications to an e-mail address.

View Data into Excel
Load data directly from TradingSolutions into Excel for viewing and processing. This approach could also be used in other programs.

Develop trading tools and add-ons.

In addition to allowing you to extend the functionality of the TradingSolutions software on your own computer, the TradingSolutions Automation SDK enables you to develop applications for other TradingSolutions users. Any programs, indicators, or systems developed with the TradingSolutions Automation SDK can be used by any user of TradingSolutions. Users are not required to own the TradingSolutions Automation SDK to use your add-ons, they are only required to have TradingSolutions v3.1 or later.

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