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Trader68 - Automated Trading Software

Trader68 is a fully automated order routing system which allows you trade your TradingSolutions Real Time signals live – as soon as they are generated. Trader68 is free! Download it now.

Key Features include:

  • Automated trading of Stocks, ETF’s, Futures, and FOREX markets
  • Asset allocation features allow you to set the amount of capital to allocate to each signal or group of signals.
  • Protect your investment with automatic stop and limit order generation.
  • Flexible interface allows you to customize the views into any combination of tabbed windows, including portfolios, details, alerts, and other views.
  • Complete trading history shows you every order, execution and trade that occurred, as well as a complete transaction history of your account.
Trader68 currently supports trading through Interactive Brokers, the industry’s premier direct access trading platform.

Why use Trader68 for automated trading?

  • Lightning fast execution – orders are placed immediately – as soon as your TradingSolutions signals are generated!
  • Eliminate mistakes by letting Trader68 place the correct orders for you using the position sizing and order types you specify.
  • Stop second-guessing. Many technical traders skip or delay technical trades only to miss the profits they have seen in back-testing. Trader68 removes the “human factor” by replicating the system you have tested closer than any other approach.
  • Get your life back! With automated trading, you no longer have to be glued to your computer 24/7. Simply set it and let Trader68 handle the rest!
Not sure you’re ready for automated trading? These additional features help you gain confidence.
  • Adjustable confirmation mode lets you put Trader68 in semi-automated mode, allowing you to accept or decline some or all of your orders before they are placed.
  • Paper Trade your systems - Trader68 works directly with Interactive Brokers simulated trading accounts so you can see exactly how your money would be traded without risking any of it.

TradingSolutions Home  |  Products  |  Downloads  |  Resources  |  Support  |  Order

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NeuroDimension, Inc. unleashes Trader68, a free automated trading platform for TradingSolutions Real-Time.

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