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Welcome to the TradingSolutions Product Tour!

TradingSolutions is software that allows you to analyze almost any type of financial data including stocks, forex, futures, mutual funds, options and many more, so that you can determine the best times to enter and exit the market.

It does this by combining traditional technical analysis with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies including neural networks and genetic algorithms.

It also features flexible charting tools and customizable spreadsheets, plus the ability to work with entire portfolios of stocks at one time.

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TradingSolutions Home  |  Products  |  Downloads  |  Resources  |  Support  |  Order

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Risks of Forex Trading.

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"I am amazed at the flexibility and capabilites of the package. In about 10 minutes I came up with a net that predicts a smaller-cap semiconductor stock with better than 75% accuracy!"
- Daniel Ervi, Webmaster,

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