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Special IQFeed Subscription Offer

DTN, the company behind the IQFeed data service, is a leading provider of real-time financial data. As an information aggregator since 1984, DTN is well-known for their fast, reliable and accurate data feeds. Their IQFeed data service has now been integrated into TradingSolutions allowing you to directly import both end-of-day and streaming real-time data into the software. IQFeed offers a base real-time subscription at $50/mo plus exchange fees, with add-on options also available. Their service covers a wide array of financial data, including:

    Mutual Funds
Through a partnership with IQFeed, new subscribers can receive a 7 Day FREE Trial and have their startup fee waived (normally $50). To get set up to use IQFeed within TradingSolutions, follow these instructions:
  1. Sign up for IQFeed - more details about the IQFeed service can also be found here

  2. Download and install the IQFeed client software (TradingSolutions currently supports IQFeed Client

  3. Download and install a clock synchronization program

    For streaming real-time data, it is very important that your computer's clock is set to the correct time. Clock synchronization is built into the Windows XP operating system and enabled by default, but if you are using another Windows version, we suggest you use one of the following programs to ensure that your clock is always set to the correct time:

  4. Enter your Username and Password for the IQFeed Data Source into the TradingSolutions software

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