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   ND Corporate Website's Internet data service is built into the TradingSolutions software. With a Prophet account, users can download stock, index, options, and futures data directly into their TradingSolutions portfolio. Keeping your data up-to-date is as easy as pressing a few buttons. We encourage all TradingSolutions users to try the service free for seven days to determine whether it will be useful for them.

Establishing A Prophet Account

Establishing a New Prophet Account has never been easier! Just click the link, enter some basic information and you're ready to go!

Downloading Data

Downloading data from Prophet is even easier! From the Import Data Wizard, select Download data for specific symbols from the Internet. Enter the stock symbols and data ranges you want and the data will be downloaded directly into your portfolio. If you don't know the symbol for the data you would like to download, all of the available data symbols are listed by company and index right in the wizard!

Updating Your Current Data

Once you've downloaded data from Prophet, keeping it up-to-date is the easiest part of all. Simply select the group of data you would like to update in your portfolio and tell the Import Data Wizard to Update data in the target group with new data from the internet. After the new data is downloaded, any calculations and analyses you have will automatically be updated to include the new data.

Current Rates

Use data from Prophet for seven days for free! If you decide you like it, you can select a monthly billing plan that fits your budget and style of trading.

Delayed Data - $14.95 / Month
Delayed streaming stocks, mutuals, and indices for 100 simultaneous tickers. 30 days of delayed intraday minute bars. One year of historical data.

Delayed Data (All History) - $19.95 / Month
Delayed streaming stocks, mutuals, and indices for 100 simultaneous tickers. 30 days of delayed intraday minute bars. Historical EOD records to 1968.

Realtime Data - $24.95 / Month
Real-time streaming stock, mutual, and index data for 250 simultaneous tickers from all U.S.stock exchanges, 60 days of intraday backfill minute bars, and historical EOD records to 1968. Realtime exchange fees apply.

Addon Features

Options Add-On Data - $10.00 / Month
Add stock and index options to either the Delayed or Realtime package. If you have Add-On Futures, you also get future options. If realtime, additional exchange fees apply.

Futures Add-On Data - $10.00 / Month
Add futures data to either the Delayed or Realtime package. If realtime, additional exchange fees apply.

If you decide you don't like the convenience of downloading data directly into your portfolio, simply cancel your account at any time by sending a email to with your user name and the name of the service you wish to cancel, or phone 650.322.4183..

Additional Information

For additional information on setting up a Prophet account with TradingSolutions, visit their web site at

TradingSolutions Home  |  Products  |  Downloads  |  Resources  |  Support  |  Order

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