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What's New in TradingSolutions v4.0

TradingSolutions v4.0 includes many exciting improvements over previous versions.

Data Improvements!

  • FREE End-of-Day Data Provider - Import End-of-Day data for stocks and major indices from Yahoo! Finance.
  • FREE Real-Time Data Provider - Import and stream intraday data for stocks, major indices, options, and futures from Interactive Brokers with an open trading account.
  • New FOREX Data Provider - Import and stream intraday data for FOREX from IQFeed.
  • 4-Hour Bar Support - Added support for four hour intraday bars.

Model Optimization Improvements

  • Optimizable Trading Styles - Optimize the performance of your model by adding Limit Entry's, Stop Loss, Profit Taking, Stop Length and more!
  • Optimizable Neural Network Topologies - Maximize effectiveness of your modeling by optimizing the neural network topology and learning algorithm.
  • Override Trading Style - Override settings for individual fields and analyses through enhanced Trading Styles.

Usability Enhancements

  • TradingSolutions Automation SDK - Added RepairWorkDirectory() function.
  • Import Data Wizard - Added support for excluding trading days from imported data and support for automatic reconnection if streaming interrupted.
  • Other Improvements - TradingSolutions v4.0 includes many new and improved features. Click here for a comprehensive list.

Ordering Information

  • New TradingSolutions customers can try the TradingSolutions v4.0 Evaluation Version free for 30 days.
    For pricing and ordering information, click here.
  • Current TradingSolutions v3.1 and earlier customers
    For pricing and upgrade information, click here.
To download TradingSolutions v4.0 for evaluation or purchase, click the "Download Now" button below.

TradingSolutions Home  |  Products  |  Downloads  |  Resources  |  Support  |  Order

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