Trading System Development Services

Do you need expert assistance taking your trading system to the next level? Let NeuroDimensionís consulting services help you. We have the experience to help you develop and test your trading ideas, trade them automatically, and even develop them as third-party products. Our experts bring over 20 years of trading software and system development experience to each project. Contact NeuroDimension today and let our consultants and software solutions take your trading system to the next level.


  • Implement your trading ideas - as basic or as complex as desired.
    • Tick or bar-based signals
    • Stocks, FOREX, Funds, and Futures (Options coming soon!)
    • Rule-based, Neural-based, Data Mining, and Other Methods
  • Back-test your ideas on historical data

Next - Improve

  • Leverage our expertise along with our commercial and in-house financial software to improve upon your basic concepts
  • Advanced distributed research environment which utilizes multiple computers in parallel to vary and improve on your ideas.
    • Test alternate parameters across entire portfolios
    • Test new assets and portfolio optimization methods
    • Implement advanced risk protection mechanisms
  • Identify the optimal parameters for your desired levels of profit and risk

Next - Package

  • If you're looking to sell your system to others, we can determine how to best package your system.
    • Subscription-based Signal Services
    • Hedge Funds
    • ETFs
    • Multi-system Portfolios
    • Software Package Add-on
  • Contacts throughout the trading industry.

Next - Deploy

  • Identify optimal platform and disaster recovery plans for your system.
  • Leverage our Trader68 software for fastest time to market.
    • Robust fully-automated trading of your system through Interactive Brokers or PFG Best (support for additional brokers coming soon!)
    • Support for broadcasting to subscription-based signal services
    • Built-in paper-trading support for additional testing of your system
  • Changing market conditions handled through combination of automated risk analysis and available ongoing improvements.
  • Software updates and dedicated technical support
  • Available trading server maintenance

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Looking for other neural network applications? NeuroDimension has successfully applied neural networks to a broad spectrum of data-intensive applications in other industries including: Medical, Science, Business, Manufacturing, Sports Betting and much more!